“i feel like a princess…”, (you are…)

February 6, 2007

someone said,”the way you treat me, make me feel like a princess.”
another one think,”thou are a princess…, さよなら 。。。。さま”

then someone took some way…
and another one took the other way. . .


12 Responses to ““i feel like a princess…”, (you are…)”

  1. hmm Says:

    good by my gentleman

  2. ud Says:

    @ hmm…
    do i know u?

  3. um zak Says:

    wah sapa tuh yud
    secret admire?

    salam kenal ya hmm

  4. ud Says:

    gotcha.., nice try…
    it wasn’t nice to fool another…
    what if people call u liar and doesn’t believe u anymore

  5. um zak Says:

    tobat ah, ampun deh
    niat cuma iseng ajah lagi ga ada kerjaan

  6. hmm Says:

    ud, don’t take it so seriously ok

  7. ditsu Says:

    first thing first, this blog is well written. very UD, hehe. maybe becoz i’ve read the first posting before this blog released.

    for um zak, can u also teach me how to make a blog properly? im too lazy to learn it all by my self, :P

  8. um zak Says:

    hello ditsu,
    why dont u put your link?!?
    or maybe u’re not real?!?

    -ieu maneh nya yud, rek diajar ka urang meuni make nami batur sagala-
    hihihi :P

  9. ud Says:

    @ um zak
    ditsu is one of our friend…
    u know her anyway…
    *** sorry my mistake,it’s edited by purpose ***

    thanx 4 u’r opinion, i really appreciate it, if u read this message,
    why don’t u visit zakki’s blog , and put u’r message on it,
    about who u are, cause he really thinks that u’re not exist ,
    funny isn’t it ? :D
    OK.. i’ll wait for u’r blog …. ganbarimashou !!!

  10. um zak Says:

    kenapa dikau engga mampir aja di blog sayah?!?
    tulis pesennya di sana, jadi sayah bisa ngajar sekalian
    -halah sok jago gini-
    hehehe :P
    tar kalo dah jadi blognyah, kita saling tuker link, OK!!

    im so sorry, im not part of people like that

  11. ud Says:

    @um zak
    ok… me too, sorry ok…

    @ 。。。さま、もし なんじ が これ を よみます
    どうも ありがと、

  12. um zak Says:

    im so happy now,
    i feel like a prince

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