what kind of mask do you wear…

November 8, 2008

Once in a lifetime…

Duperman, Splitterman and Bratman gathered at the dark alley beside the street,

surrounded by dim street ligth and heavy fog…

After have some cigarette, Duperman try to start a conversation

Duperman :”Hey Bratty…, we know each other for a long time…

we agreed to meet here, with no one seen us..

why do u still have to wear your mask… it’s kinda bug me you know…”

Bratman :”do you think your appearance can be called well..

why do you have to wear that silly tight dress now…”

Duperman :”I have some reason… this dress… make me fell different..

make me feel being super..

There’s some sensation when people consider you as a good person, although you know yourself not that good…

you know.. the truth is..

i’m only a man with a silly red sheet…

i’m only a man looking for a dream…

even heroes have a right a dream…

and it’ not easy to be me…”

Bratman :(what the hell he think of…,

he really need a psychiatrist, he really sing it…)

Duperman :”Hey Bruce… at least you can open your cap…”

Bratman :”It’s not a cap…it’s a mask… and if you ask me to open my mask again…

then i have to ask you open your silly underwear..

which you wear it outside…

haha.. what kinda fashion is that…”

Duperman :”If you try to laugh me again…

then i can make sure you’ll never laugh again…”

Splitterman :”Hey.. easy guys… this should be nice reunion between a hero..

not a killing field…

Duperman… i open my mask right now… and Bruce… i like your mask…

i also won’t open it if i have that kinda mask…

maybe i can borrow it some time…”

Duperman :”shut up splity… who ask you to open your mask..

who ask you to open your mouth…

you’re not even part of DC…”

Splitterman :”chill out guys..

i know i’m not part of DC “

(i don’t want either… everybody know marvel is better..)

Bratman :”Hey spleeeety…. having a day dreaming yeah ???

why do you grumbling like that…”

Splitterman :”oh sorry.. my mistake…

So Bruce… why do you wear that scary suit… is it hot in there?

i mean… that suit made from thick rubber… looks great..

but i don’t think it’s comfortable…

i’ll hardly to jump if i wear that suit…”

Bratman :”This suit protect me… yes.. it’s scary…

it’s heavy and not comfortable at all…

but this suit protect me from a bad person..

when people see my mask..

they’ll feel scare eventhough i haven’t do anything…

i only open this mask in front peoples

that i think they’re save and won’t hurt me…

and it’s not easy to be me…”

Duperman :”Ehm.. Bruce.. i think that my song…”

Bratman :”oh.. sorry….”

Splitterman :(Gosh… what’s wrong with this guys…are they really like to sing…)

Duperman :”So..splity.. why do you wear that kinda suit… nice mask…”

Splitterman :”well.. i wear this mask to protect all the peoples i love…

i live in the environment which being surround by the people

who act like they’re friend…

but actually they’re my greatest enemy…

Dr.Octobus, Grim goblin, Genom…, they were my friend once…

So i act as i don’t know they’re my enemy…

i laugh with them.. having lunch with them…

The truth is… i wear the real mask when i hang out with them…

And person under this Splitter suit is the really me…

My uncle once said.. with great power comes great responsibility…

so i have to protect all the people i love.. even from myself..”

Bratman :”So.. everyone here has their own reason to wear a mask…

except Duperman of course…

maybe he think people won’t recognize him that he is Clerk Bent…”

Duperman :”hey.. since when you know my true identity…”

Bratman :”Cause we know each other for a long time… don’t we…”

Duperman :”Oh i see.. thanks for keeping my secret from the other…”

Splitterman :”Hey Bruce, that guy not really smart yeah,

he really think he is won’t be recognize..”

Bratman :”you name it… if he really smart,

he won’t have a hard time to wear his underwear in right position…”

Duperman :”Guys.. do you said something…”

Bratman :”hmm….not really Clerk…”(gosh.. he’s scary…)

Splitterman :”We do what we think we have to do

to protect ourself and people we love…

and what about you…. yeah.. you…

person who sitting and hear our conversation…

eventhough you’re not wearing special suit like us…

what kind of mask do you wear…”


10 Responses to “what kind of mask do you wear…”

  1. anggaman Says:

    this is a good silly conversation XD

    what kind of mask do i wear?
    i wear the kind of mask that if i tell u then i’ve to kill u :P

  2. z4kki dj Says:

    mask of sadness, sedih tapi terlihat tidak sedih….hahahhaa

  3. Poppy Says:

    Jadi teringat To Kill A Mocking Bird. Ada kata bijak di dalamnya yang kira-kira berbunyi seperti in:
    “sometimes you have to pretend to be something you aren’t to make life easier for those around you”
    Semua orang pastilah pernah berpura-pura, asal jangan keterusan jadi tukang tipu &_&
    BTW, ijin add blogroll ya…
    Terima kasih ^___^

  4. idud Says:

    Topengku udah menyatu dengan diriku. Makanya teman2 sering bilang, “kalau ngomong topengnya dibuka dulu.” Padahal saat itu saya gak pake topeng.

  5. wied Says:

    nitip link ya..^^

  6. ud Says:

    silakan di-add..thx dah di add ya..
    enya dud.. mun ngenet mah teu kudu make topeng atuh…
    Wa’alaikumussalam wr wb
    silakan de :)

  7. Indah Sitepu Says:

    saya pake masker seminggu sekali

    masker bengkoang


    ga nyambung yahhh….


  8. cee Says:

    jd malu tiba2 ada kenalan nonggol di blog

    ceritanya lucu
    ijin ambil buat di milist yaa

    sukses terus bro….

  9. ud Says:

    ternyata punya blog juga toh… :)
    mo diambil buat milist yah…
    sok ajah.. tapi da ceritanya asa kurang bermutu..
    hehehe :P

  10. levi Says:

    what an amusing dialog! great, i like that…may I repost it to my account? thanks anyway

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